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life coaching for  Lesbian, Gay & LGBTQ+ Individuals 

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7 Affirmations to Help You Love Being Gay, Lesbian or LGBTQ+

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            I teach Same-Gender Loving people how to bridge the gap between their sexual identity and their spiritual identity.

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I fear that being gay, lesbian or LGBTQ will hold me back from being completely happy.

I find myself constantly procrastinating my life goals or thinking I will never be successful since I don’t feel accepted for who I am as a gay, lesbian or LGBTQ person.

I don’t know how to handle being rejected and mistreated by people I love for being gay, lesbian or LGBTQ.

I struggle and avoid having a personal relationship with God and people because I'm uncomfortable with the thought that they may be angry with me or won't accept me for being gay, lesbian or LGBTQ.

Do any of the following thoughts resonate with you?

You’re in the driver's seat and have the autonomy to maintain the life you desire! Although you're equipped with your personal GPS system, you may need some guidance and an Accountability partner along the way and that’s why I’m here at your service. You Got This!

maintain the life you desire

Once we become familiar with your goal or objective, we can create the pathway to success by developing a route to help you navigate efficiently and this process may include brainstorming or doing Homework.


Here is a safe place and opportunity for you to express yourself candidly and I ask for you to be honest with me about your situation and share respectfully why you need to be assisted so that we can be on the right track to meeting your goal or objective!


How We’ll Collaborate

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I'm Living In Peace and Truth as a Lesbian Woman of Color. My spiritual journey and process of healing led to me becoming a Certified Life Coach and Author. I now coach Lesbian, Gay and LGBTQ persons on how to navigate through life. My coaching experience is designed to preserve your willingness and ability to lead an Authentic life!

Life Coach & Author Here For You!

Transparent, Witty, Spiritual, Empath...

Hello, I'm Giselle!

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7 Affirmations to Help You Love Being Gay. Lesbian or LGBTQ+

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