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Why is it so difficult to trust anyone? I want to be able to confide in someone who I can be myself with as a gay, lesbian or LGBTQ person.

I get so anxious thinking about being an openly gay, lesbian or LGBTQ person.

I always feel like I'm walking on egg shells whenever I'm around my family, friends or people in general because I have to be careful about expressing myself as a gay, lesbian or LGBTQ person.

 I feel so lonely and fear I won't ever be able to experience being in a healthy and happy Same-Gender Loving Relationship or Partnership.

 I'm tired of pretending to be someone who I'm not to conform to social norms. I find myself being restless and putting other people's needs before my own happiness.

Ever Think Or Feel This Way...

I believe that you are competent, empowered and can maintain whatever you need to accomplish your goal or objective. I look forward to learning more about you; your interests and goals; and I am truly pleased with having the wonderful privilege of being your Life Coach!

Honest & Direct Feedback  Encouragement & Support  Assistance with Gaining Clarity 

Honest & Direct Feedback  |  Encouragement & Support  |  Assistance with Gaining Clarity 

you can expect:

Accountability Life Coaching

I’m here to assist in dismantling blurred vision, negative thoughts and to unpack or eliminate limitations through communication, questions, tools, strategies and exercises to unravel the unknown or what is yet to be discovered about your best self!

My role is to guide you along in working through those things that hinder, upset or block you from unlocking your full potential.

Alone, it may not always be clear or easy to articulate and grasp who you are; define your qualities or recognize what is best for you because you’re not focusing upon yourself. When you don’t take the time to find out what works for you or is not compatible in your life, then the results are unmet needs, dissatisfaction and frustration; especially without any direction.

Unlocking Your Full Potential And Bringing Your Best Self Into Fruition As Your Life Coach!

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Group Coaching

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1:1 Coaching

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The beauty of One-on-One Life Coaching is that I will accommodate you and design an experience arranged just for you!  The ball is in your court and you get to decide the “Topic Of Interest”.

One-on-One Life Coaching is customized, unique and exclusive. You are the Main Attraction and have the freedom to discuss your innermost thoughts, feelings and concerns during a private coaching session with me.

Most people never get to experience being themselves, feeling empowered and readily growing; except for You, because you will take advantage of the opportunity to propel yourself into the reality that you’re yearning for. 
Your One-on-One Life Coaching investment is available whenever you need Makeover Life Coaching!


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1:1 Coaching

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I am aware that you may require additional sessions with me for 1:1 Life Coaching since a single Life Coaching session is on a one-time hourly basis.

However, if consecutive sessions are necessary, then I will be delighted to customize and prepare your very own, “1:1 Life Coaching Additional Sessions Request” which will consist of a coaching plan designed just for you!

Please understand that this is not a Bundle Package which would apply generally to anyone; instead the additional life coaching sessions are customized only for you. 

I will discuss arranging additional sessions with individual clients upon their request. What will be discussed is the coaching process and I will share with you information and details about customizing the pricing; scheduling; and the quantity of sessions needed according to your unique client needs.

1:1 Life Coaching Additional Sessions Request

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