Sometimes we need help making the lifestyle and mindset changes we should.

Make things happen and don’t let things happen to you!

Love yourself from the Bottom to the Top!

Don’t just survive, Choose to Live Outside The Box!

Whatever you do, make sure it will make you smile 100 years from now!

How i live

 I’m from West Texas and I was born in the 1980’s and grew up in the 1990’s, at a time before social media existed and when being a Lesbian was not popular or cool. Quite frankly, it was frowned upon.

I was the only Lesbian in my family and among my social surroundings. My family upbringing was strict, religious and homophobic! I had no outlet to express myself or understand who I was as a young lesbian child, teenager and adult. There was a time when I was a child that I thought it was okay to be a lesbian, but I quickly learned from my family that being gay is a problem!

“Living In Peace and Truth as a Lesbian Woman of Color”

- giselle wallace

Meet Giselle 

I had so many questions, struggles, and conflicts growing up which led to me living a troubled and hidden life because society taught me that who I am is shameful and a disgrace.

As an African American young woman, I struggled with my relationships with people, my sexual orientation and my relationship with God, Faith and Spirituality.

How could I be a lesbian and God be displeased with me about it, but He wouldn’t change me into a heterosexual person?

I couldn’t understand why I was a Lesbian because I went to church every Sunday. There, I was reminded about my lesbian sexual orientation being a sin - but I didn’t know how to change!

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I conduct a coaching service for Lesbian, Gay and LGBTQ persons, concerning navigating through life with a coaching experience designed to preserve their willingness and ability to lead Authentic lives!

My spiritual journey and process of healing led to me becoming a Certified Life Coach and Author

Now, I'm Living In Peace & Truth as a Lesbian Woman of Color.

"Procrastination is the Thief of Time"

words to live by

- edward young


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My vehicle is my private sanctuary

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Strawberry Lemonade

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Going to the park and Meditation

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Here you will engage, indulge and experience “Light-Bulb Moments” as Same-Gender Loving People or LGBTQ persons regarding Self-Love, Human Sexuality, Relationships and God!

Inspirational Life Coaching and Authentic Living for Lesbian, Gay and LGBTQ Individuals To Triumph In Being Yourself

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